Adventure Awaits.

Discover A New Path 


The Jack Whisper map includes a list of locations to Walk, Hike and Run.  If you are looking for a new path to explore or want to share your favorite routine we provide a google map of locations submitted by our community.  If you have a path you want to share visit our Add Locations page to submit a walking path, hiking trail or running route.  


Walking is great exercise to improve your physical and mental health. The benefits of walking can be achieved with as little as a 15 minutes.  Benefits include cardiac health and circulation, prevent weight gain, reduce chronic disease,  alleviate depression and improve your mood.    

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What better way to see nature and explore the outdoors than going for a hike.  Hiking increases muscle strength, reduces blood pressure,  increases heart rate and endurance, while reducing anxiety. Connecting with nature allow the mind and body a way to relax and refocus. 

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Running is a fantastic exercise that improves cardiovascular health, builds strength, increases energy, burns calories and reduces weight. With a pair of running shoes the world is yours to explore.   

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Community of Support

Adventure Awaits

The benefits of getting outside and exercising will improve your physical and mental health. Jack Whisper is a community to help you find and share plans to walk, hike and run.  Adding a new route or exploring a new trail is a great reason to get and go.  

Supportive Community

Jack Whisper is a community of support for those seeking the adventure of outdoors or focused on fitness and improving your physical and mental health.  

Getting Started 

If you are new to walking, hiking or running tarting is often the hardest part.  Start slow and build your strength and endurance.  This will help avoid injury and reduces the risk of feeling overwhelmed and quitting. 

Stay Safe

When you walk, hike or run in a new location it is always recommend to take safety precautions.

  • Go with a friend or a group 
  • Take your cell phone
  • Stay in well lit areas
  • Don’t give personal information online
  • Stay Safe Guide 

“The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.”

John Bingham


Plan Ahead 

 Proper Shoes


 Water / Energy Drink 


Charged Phone / Holder 

 Check Weather Conditions



♦ Watch 

♦ Invite a Friend 


Ready, Set, Let’s Go! 


Make Stretching an Everyday Routine  

Stretching is one of the most important actions exercisers can take to avoid injury, strengthen muscles and increase performance. The next time you hit the track, make sure you remember how a few minutes of stretching can immensely benefit your workout and your health.  Stretching after exercise is just as important. 

Proper Shoes 

Find the right foot wear is very important to provide the right support and make running, walking or hiking comfortable.  The shoe you select should support your feet. Not all shoes are made the same and right shoe can make a big difference.